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The new range of A3 posters promoting the ease and ability of mothers to breastfeed anywhere, anytime also helps to raise an awareness of the need to accept this normal way to feed a baby.

"Where did you do it today?" posters



About the Posters

As part of the International Year of Planet Earth in 2008, the Manning / Great Lakes group created a new and exciting way of promoting breastfeeding through a beautiful range of eight A3 sized posters.

The posters focus on the environmental benefits of choosing to breastfeed. No longer does World Environmental Day belong to the worms. Beautifully designed, these posters are a must for every group. Featuring gorgeous children, from newborns during a first feed to exploring preschoolers, there is something in the range to suit every purpose. Show the public that there is more to breastfeeding – order your posters now.

Our Other Posters

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$5 each + postage

$5 each + postage

$5 each + postage




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Canada Uses Our Posters

We are excited that Oxford County Health Unit in southwestern Ontario, Canada has again used our services to provide billboard designs to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. They were displayed for the month of October and again are receiving a great response.

Breastfeeding Billboard



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